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This hair oil will tackle 

All of your tresses needs.

Alabaster hair growth oil

Did we mention it’s great for your skin too!

“Ive been using Alabaster several months now and I see a huge difference in the fullness of my hairline!"



Restore Nourish Grow

black women with long braids, body glow, hair growth oil
hair growth oil, body oil, beard oil

This hair oil is formulated to cater to all your hair care requirements. Our unique mixture features Comfrey Leaf for promoting follicular growth and Rosemary extract for calming and nourishing the scalp. But that's not all! Enriched with Vitamin E and Argan oil, our formula will breathe new life into your hair, bringing back its natural luster and vitality. Moreover, it's devoid of parabens and phthalates, ensuring that your hair receives only the essential nutrients without any harmful extras. Grab yours today to rejuvenate your hair! And here's a bonus – it's also beneficial for your skin! With lavender and apricot infusions known for its healing properties, it's excellent for eczema, dry skin, and scars.



hair growth oil, body oil, beard oil
The lemongrass oil has really helped my eczema when I have flareups, its been a real and all natural solution!

Sophia, Customer


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